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New SPDs generation: DAC and DDC

In a constant effort to improve the quality of our products and of our customers satisfaction, CITEL is completely renewing its range of modular surge protectors.

Born from international collaboration of French, German, Chinese and American teams, this new range benefits from 20 years of research and development as well as multiple exchanges with our curstomers.

Our long experience in surge protectors production, has allowed us to improve the manufacturing of this new modules, on both the process or the choice of materials. Citel commits to propose reliable surge protectors in all circumstances and adapted to all installations constraints.

This range is designed to protect equipments against transient overvoltages from electrical network. The SPDs protect industrial equipments as well as mobile telephony or photovoltaic installations. These DIN rail mounted surge protectors are easy to install in any standardized distribution panels or control cabinets.

  • Enhanced protection
  • Simplified plug-in
  • Longer life time
  • Disconnect indicator
  • Remote signaling function
  • Optimized TOV (VG version)
  • A 5-year warranty

Our new ranges

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