In order to test its products internally for standards compliance and to evolve toward greater reliability CITEL has several test sites (France, USA, China) equipped with :

  • Wave generators current up to 240 kA - 8/20µs
  • Current waveform generators up to 100 kA - 10/350
  • 1.2/50-8/20µs hybrid wave generators up to 20 kV/10 kA
  • 400 Vac three phase low voltage network-Icc 1.5 kA / phase for coupling with pulsed current
  • HT digital Oscilloscope fast
  • Material for test environment (damp heat, climate, shock)
  • Ultra-fast camera

The G100K test generator in Reims (France) can produce exceptionally high impulse current and is used for testing structural lightning protection systems as well as Type 1 surge protectors.