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Surge protectors for farm agrivoltaic installations

Agrivolatism, also called agri-PV, combines the production of energy via solar panels and the exploitation of agricultural land. This ecological approach enhances the value of the land, while increasing agricultural yields as well as animal welfare, and allows an economic gain from electricity production for farmers and electricity producers.

Due to their mostly isolated location and the large exposed area requiring the deployment of long lengths conductors, agrivoltaic fields present a high risk of overvoltages being lightning surges.

In order to avoid problems leading to costly damage and downtime, it is compulsory to install surge protectors at key points in the PV system.

Example of a agrivoltaic surge protection installation

Which surge protectors to install to protect an agrivoltaic farm ?

On this page you will find the surge protective device that will protect your agri-PV installation from transient overvoltages

Location ModelDescription
PV network DS50PVS-1000/30Type 2 Photovoltaic surge protector
In 20 kA - Imax 40 kA - Remote signaling
AC Network DAC50S-31-275Type 2 AC surge protector
In 20 kA - Imax 50 kA - Remote signaling
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