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The DPVN-Series: The Next Level in surge protection

With the DPVN-series of surge protective devices (SPD), CITEL introduces the new generation of protection devices for photovoltaic installations. This series is the first to be equipped with the game-changing CTC®-Technology and succeeds the previous DS50 series.

The SPDs of the new DPVN series are the first to feature the new CTC®-Technology. This makes the DPVN protectors slimmer, faster and safer than their predecessors from the DS50-product series and comparable devices on the market.

With the patented CTC-Technology, the DPVN-SPDs implement the normative requirements of IEC 61643-31 better than it was previously possible (this applies equally to the American UL1449). IEC 61643-31 focuses on the specifications of surge protection devices for photovoltaic applications.

The DPVN family is specifically designed to protect photovoltaic installations from transient grid surges and the negative effects of lightning strikes. With a discharge capacity of Iimp = 6.25 kA per pole and Itotal = 12.5 kA for the T1+2 combination arresters and In = 20 kA and Imax = 40 kA for the type 2 SPDs, these devices even exceed the minimum requirements of the IEC 61643-32 application standard.

The DPVN product series can be used in all applications, i.e. for rooftop systems of any size - from single-family houses to industrial hall roofs - as well as in ground-mounted systems. They thus replace the previous DS50 devices in all known scenarios.

The DPVN series includes type 1+2 and type 2 devices in various voltage classes, each of which will also be optionally available with the proven VG-Technology (combination of varistors and gas-filled spark gaps) to prevent premature aging.

The following product variants are currently planned:

Combined SPD Type 1+2+3SPD Type 2+3
600V : DPVN1-6CS-21Y-600600V : DPVN40CS-21Y-600
600V with VG Technology : DVPN1-6CVGS-21Y-600600V with VG Technology : DPVN40-CVGS-21Y-600
1200V: DPVN1-6CS-21Y-12001200V: DPVN40CS-21Y-1200
1200V with VG Technology : DVPN1-6CVGS-21Y-12001200V with VG Technology : DPVN40-CVGS-21Y-1200
1500V: DPVN1-6CS-21Y-15001500V : DPVN40CS-21Y-1500
1500V with VG Technology : DVPN1-6CVGS-21Y-15001500V with VG Technology : DPVN40-CVGS-21Y-1500
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