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Spd with integrated counter

The "Surge protector" solution to protect and analyse your installations

The new SPDs DACN1-25CVGS are the designated successors to the existing DS250 and DUT250 series. As such, these surge protectors feature a number of evolutionary improvements, such as the more compact housing, dual disconnect mechanism and remote signaling. However, the new DACN1-25CVGS are more than just an evolution of their predecessors: the integrated counter is a unique new feature that transforms these SPDs into a useful tool for monitoring and analysing professional installations.

3 typical applications

The new DACN1-25CVGS/SC are designed for use on the AC side in critical infrastructures, large industrial installations and important installations for professional use which require closer monitoring and are very likely to be exposed to frequent overvoltages in order to avoid downtime or need to be monitored regularly/annually in accordance with IEC 62305-3, E7.

For example: hospitals and medical establishments, broadcasting and mobile communication networks, electricity suppliers, street cabinets, venues for major events/stadiums, industrial production sites, etc.

The different configurations

3-phase+N SPD - 275 Vac - with counterDACN1-25CVGS-31-275/SC
Single-phase SPD - 275 Vac - with counterDACN1-25CVGS-11-275/SC
3-phase+N SPD - 275 Vac - without counterDACN1-25CVGS-31-275
Single-phase SPD - 275 Vac - without counterDACN1-25CVGS-11-275
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