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CTC®: the technology for protection at a higher level!

CITEL, the experts in surge protection, take the protection of your photovoltaic installation to a whole new level!

With the innovative CTC® technology, your PV installation will be protected even more effectively and reliably against damage caused by surges.

The innovative and patented CTC®-Technology (Central Thermal Control) is an entirely new designed disconnection technology.

It is safer, faster, and more compact than previous disconnections. Its cutting-edge technology has been rewarded with numerous patents for CITEL.

It counters the weaknesses of previous disconnection devices primarily through:

  • Its thermo-sensitive solo separation point, which is spatially centrally placed in the SPD
  • The additional insulating safety barrier integrated into the isolating device for more reliable separation of the poles in the event of separation.

This game-changing technology brings a number of benefits for you:

  • Space saving due to more compact design
  • Short conductor lengths between MOV and cut-off device
  • Fast triggering of the cut-off by cumulative heat impact of all MOVs on one heat point
  • Additional insulation barrier for even safer pole separation
  • All-pole disconnection in case of tripping
  • No risk of varistor short circuits
  • Much lower temperature of the SPD envelope during disconnection providing more safety
  • For the user or side by side electrical devices

C T C®

"CENTRAL“ - The central position of the disconnection device

"THERMAL“ – More efficient use of Joule-heat for more safety

"CONTROL“ – All-pole disconnection with dual mechanism

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