CITEL protects your equipment from lightning! Company Goal: To protect all electronic and electric equipment from lightning strikes and electrical transients caused by lightning and switching transients and electromagnetic interferences.

For this, CITEL manufactures two complementary products lines:

Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs)

are the basic passive components used to protect telephone exchanges and equipments from voltage surges; the GDT is a small hi-tech component (less than 1 cm) and they are generally installed on telephone networks by telecommunication operator. This is CITEL’s base product (35% of sales).

We are the only ones to manufacture our own GDT that we integrate into our protection moudules. CITEL is # 2 in the worldwide market for gas tubes.

For a number of reasons, CITEL products, using patents are homologated by most international groups.

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs)

are units combining several protection components. The may be used by the installer or by the end customer.

They are designed to be incorporated in an installation to protect all electric, electronic and data-processing equipment from transient overvoltages.

Citel proposes several ranges of SPDs:

  • AC surge protectors
  • Photovoltaic surge protectors
  • Surge protectors for LED lighting systems
  • Telecom/Data surge protectors
  • Surge protectors for Radiocommunication