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Surge Protection for Security Systems

All the safety devices used in your facilities are very sensitive and vulnerable to lightning and switching surges. If these systems are damaged by transient voltages, then the entire protection strategy could be compromise : surge protection is highly recommended.

Selection of SPDs for Security Systems

1 - Surge Protectors for Survey Cameras

LocationCitel modelType of SPDs
Anolog CameraMSP-VM230-2PCombined surge protectors
IP CamerasCRMJ8-POE-C6APOE++ and 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Coaxial lines as Video-transmissionCXC06-B/FMCoaxial surge protector, BNC connector
100Gigabit Ethernet/POE++ networksMJ8-POE-C6APOE++ surge protector, Shielded RJ45 connector
Category 6A networksMJ8-C6AEthernet Cat. 6A, Shielded RJ45 connector

2 - Surge Protectors for Control Rooms

LocationCitel modelType of SPDs
Control room${ITEM_LINK#188}<-No Item, #188RAK16-BNC19" Rack surge protector - 10/100/1000BaseT networks

3 - Surge Protectors for Main Electrical Panel

LocationCitel modelsType of SPDs
AC network - Main switchboardDAC1-13S-31-275Type 1+2+3 surge protector 3-phase+N

4 - Surge Protectors for fire Alarm

LocationCitel modelType of SPDs
Fire alarmDAC40CS-11-275Type 2 (or 3) surge protector - Compact - Single phase
Fire alarmDAC40CS-31-275Type 2 (or 3) surge protector - Compact - 3-phase

5 - Surge Protector for Acces Control

LocationCitel modelType of SPDs
Access controlDLADataline surge protectors - DIN rail mounting

6 - Surge Protector for LED Lighting

LocationCitel modelType of SPDs
Inside the cutouts of led lighting poleDLPM1-230L230 V single phase surge protector - DIN rail mounting

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