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LED surge protectors: NEW products

CITEL is upgrading his range of surge protectors for LED lighting, adding 3 new products: MLPC1-230L-V/2L, MLPC1-230L-V/DL and MLPCH1-230L-V/DL.

MLPC1-230L-V/DL and MLPCH1-230L-V/DL AC/Data combined SPDs:

the product is intended to LED lighting using power supply and monitoring by communication through separated cables (not wireless, neither Data over AC transmission). It is exceeding important, in this situation, to ensure the surge withstand of the lighting equipment by protecting the two accesses: Data and AC power. The product integrates an AC SPD with relevant performances and a data surge protection compatible with DALI, 0-10V or DMX networks. Designed to be mounted on plate the wire connection is made by screw. A special version is available: MLPCH1-230L-V/DL, it allows optimized coordination with the driver.



MLPC1-230L-V/2L 2-Phase + N product:

product intended for luminaires connected to a 2-Phase + Neutral network. The mounting is made on a plate with a screw connection.


These products are very compact and provide the same footprint dimension than the regular MLPC range, allowing a very easy installation.

Compared to their older version (MLP1-230L-P/DL / MLP1-230L-P/RS and MLP1-230L-P-2L) the product dimensions are considerably much reduced.