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Lightning current counter for windturbine

Part Number: 7901111
  • Lightning counter for wind turbine
  • 1 monitor + 3 sensors for the blades
  • Precision: the counting is done by pale
  • IEC 61400-24 and IEC 62561-6 compliant

The LSC-B is an unique measure system of lightning events, developed by CITEL. The device is an precious tool for the wind turbine entretien intervals schedules. Unnecessary downtimes of wind turbines are avoided. Moreover, the product would be permitted to detect very early damage caused by lightning which can impact the system, thus avoiding and in advance fatal errors.

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Max. load current IL 60 mA
Minimum current sensibility Itc 1000 A
Max. admissible impulse current Imcw 200 kA
Life time 10 years
Power 5 W
Mounting Feedthrough
Operating temperature Tu -40°C bis + 70°C
Protection rating IP67
Dimensions 66 x 55 x 47 mm
Standards compliance IEC 61400-24, IEC 62561-6