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Technical note : PPV / PAC range


In the last years, the requirements of PV inverter manufacturers for surge protection have evolved. The continuously increasing power density with decreasing dimensions makes it necessary to use more and more compact solutions that require as little space as possible in the inverters.

One solution for this is the use of lightning and surge arresters that can be soldered directly to a printed circuit board (PCB). In contrast to conventional devices which are mounted on a DIN rails, this means that only a fraction of the space is required. The arrangement of the single surge arrestors as well as the preferred configuration can also be individually adapted to the specific conditions.

PPV series

With the PPV series, CITEL has launched a protective device that fully meets these requirements. With a width of just 9 mm (0.5 TE) per pole for type 2 arrestors (SPD T2) up to powerful T1+T2 combined arrestors with a width of only 22 mm (1.25 TE), the PPV arrestors can be accommodated even in the smallest spaces. With Iimp = 6.25 kA and In = 20 kA, the discharge values fulfil the normative requirements of LPL class III.

The single-pole protective devices are soldered onto PCBs, which means that any configuration (Y circuit, L circuit, delta circuit, etc.) can be realised. A remote signalling function is included as standard.

PAC series

Since the same requirements for discharge capacity and available space also emerge in AC applications, such as charging stations or wallboxes in e-mobility, CITEL offers the PAC series for voltages up to Uc = 680 Vac to complete the range. The designs and discharge values of the PPV and PAC series are identical. Furthermore, all units of the PPV and PAC series have the same PinOut, which makes it easy to change from type 1 to type 2 or vice versa, as well as to change to a different voltage without adapting the PCB

Key points

  • PV and AC versions
  • Combination arrestor T1 + T2 or SPD T2
  • Iimp up to 6.25 kA (10/350)
  • Imax up to 40 kA (8/20)
  • Optical failure signalling
  • Remote signalling as standard
  • Same pin-out for all variants
  • Rated voltages up to Un = 1,000

Application example

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PPV series
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