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Disruptions of outdoor lighting networks

and risks to equipment (LED street lights)

'Outdoor lighting networks are especially sensitive to all kinds of electrical interference, whether permanent, temporary or transient. These forms of interference threaten the equipment connected to these networks. Additionally, age or even obsolescence affecting these networks aggravate the issues.

The threats faced are multiple ones: Lightning and its side effects, overvoltages caused by switching, power distribution issues (loss of neutral, connection errors), voltage harmonics. All of these sources of interference are potentially present in outdoor networks, but historically the appliances connected to outdoor lighting networks were sufficiently robust to absorb them without causing any major incidents.

The introduction of highly sensitive electronic technologies into these outdoor networks radically changes the issues, with interference now becoming a major and serious threat. A spectacular illustration of this new problem comes from street lighting which over the past few years has seen major change by massively transitioning to LED technologies.'


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