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Fuses+holders for protection of 3-phase+N Type 1 AC SPD

Part Number: 64057
  • Specific Fuses (SPD Fusing Disconnectors) for short circuit protection of AC SPD
  • For Type 1 SPD
  • Surge current withstand: 25 kA (@10/350µs)
  • Very compact
  • Included fuses
  • Remote signaling and status signaling

The SFD range has been especially designed to associated with Type 1 SPDs. These very specific fuses are able to conduct huge surge currents in rather small dimensions to protect Type 1 SPDs against harsh current circuit failures. In order to comply IEC 61643-11 standards, AC power SPD must be protected against short circuit failures: these specific fusing disconnectors must be installed in the SPD branch.

AC system IT
Max. AC operating voltage Uc 500 Vac
Nominal discharge current In 80 kA
Max. discharge current Imax 100 kA
Impulse current by pole Iimp 25 kA
Equivalent rated AC current 250 A
Breaking capacity 100 000 A
Residual voltage Up < 0.5 kV @ 25 kA
Fuse configuration Cylindrical 22x58 mm
Mounting Symmetrical rail 35 mm (EN 60715)
Accessory(s) provided Fuse(s) included
Operating temperature Tu -40/+85°C
Protection rating IP20
Disconnection indicator Striker
Spare module(s) SFD1-25
Remote signaling of disconnection Yes
Dimensions See diagram
Standards compliance EN 61643-11 /IEC 61643-11 /EN 60269-1/EN 60269-2/IEC 60269-1/IEC 60269-2