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Smart SPD Monitoring Device

Part Number 793533
  • Lightning and Surge Current Counter & SPD monitoring device
  • Wide surge current detection range:
    • 0.3/50 kA @8/20µs
    • 0.3/25 KA @10/350µs
  • Front display for access to recorded events and device parameters
  • Peak current and time stamping recording of the surge currents
  • RS485 communication interface / MODBUS protocol
  • Monitoring features : 2 inputs (SPD or disconnector status) / 1 ouput
  • IEC 62561-6 compliance

Lightning counters are designed to detect and record the impulse current conducted by the down conductor of the lightning protection system or by the earthing wire of a protective surge protection. This unit is useful to assess the stress of the protection devices, in order to perform their efficient maintenance.

Max. AC operating voltage
Uc 230 Vac
Connection mode(s)
2 connection PE ports
Minimum current sensibility
Itc 0.3 kA
Max. admissible impulse current
Imcw 0.3-50 kA (8/20µs) / 0.3-25 kA (10/350 µs)
Voltage measurement error
0.1 kA, +/- 5%
Connection wire sensor : Coaxial-cable AWG26
Symmetrical rail 35 mm (EN 60715)
Housing material
Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
Operating and storage temperature
-20/+60°C / -25 /+70°C
Protection rating
- Counter : Spring-cage terminals - Sensor : Plug-in (1 sensor line port)
Remote signaling of disconnection
Two channel to input switching signal and one channel of output switching signal
128*64 lattice OLED display, green/red status LED display
See diagram
0.216 kg
Standards compliance
EN 62561-6