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Type 2 PV surge protector

Part Number: 481511
  • Type 2 surge protector for photovoltaic
  • VG technology
  • 1500 Vdc
  • No leakAge, no operating currents
  • Improved life expectancy
  • In/Imax : 15 / 40 kA
  • Common/Differential mode protection
  • Remote signaling
  • UTE C61-740-51, EN 50539-11 compliance

DS50VGPVS-G/51 products are available for PV networks with voltages of 600 V, 1000 V and 1500 Vdc. They comply with the European standard EN50539-11. The products are designed to be mounted on a DIN rail. The plug-in protection module allows quick replacement in the event of a failure. The protective circuit with VG technology consists of a Y-diagram composed of Gas Discharge Tube and high-power varistors. The absence of leakage current prevents the surge protection from aging. The DS50VGPVS is available with a status indicator and remote signaling.

Network PV network 1250 Vdc
Nominal PV voltage Uocstc 1250 Vdc
Max. PV operating voltage Ucpv 1500 Vdc
Residual Current Ipe None
PV Permanent Operating current Icpv None
Follow current If None
Nominal discharge current In 15 kA
Max. discharge current Imax 40 kA
Current withstand short circuit PV Iscpv 15 000 A
Connection mode(s) +/-/PE
Protection mode(s) Common/Differential mode
Protection level +/- Up 6.8 kV
Protection level +/PE (-/PE) Up 3.4 kV
Technology VG Technology (MOV+GSG)
Connection to Network By screw terminals: 2.5-25mm²
Format Plug-in modular box
Mounting Symmetrical rail 35 mm (EN 60715)
Housing material Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
Operating temperature Tu -40/+85°C
Protection rating IP20
Failsafe mode Disconnection SPD of the PV line
Disconnection indicator 2 mechanical indicators
Spare module(s) DSM50VGPV-1500G/51
Remote signaling of disconnection Output on changeover contact
Weight 0.327 kg
Certification UL / EAC
Thermal disconnector Internal
Fuses Without